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The benefit of joining the DCLA has many aspects.  Some are tangible others are perceived. The group as a whole has gotten the attention of Land & Resource and the County Commissioners as we are consistently present at all meetings and have been able to input aspects of protecting the lakes though this effort. Our opinion is sought out when there are issues that are potentially involve to lake. We try to be on top of all issues for all lakes so that when an issue arises on any given lake we can get their attention. We have worked and succeeded in implementing some ordinances we felt needed to be in place. We successfully implemented a resolution for the County to provide funds for AIS spread prevention. This has enables Land & Resources to implement the boat washing stations in our county.

We meet as a group to share issues we are having on each lake and gather information on how to best proceed. With our resources we can usually point in the right direction how to proceed and at times implement what needs to be done so each lake does not stand alone.

We published the brochure 'Owning Lakeshore in Douglas County' for the Realtors to provide to clients and for lake association to distribute to their members, describing things you need to know about shorelines ordinances.

Thirdly, we have established the DCLA as the group to get the word out about lake issues. We work closely with Soil and Water and have hosted many forums on rain gardens, restoring your shore, invasive (species besides zm) and serve as the fiscal agent for lakes that receive grants for projects. We also are working with the Sauk River Watershed Dist and Chippewa project that specifically works on water issues. The DNR has worked with us in getting the issues discussed such as why have a Lake Management Plan and how to get started, implementation of the Clean, Drain, Dry, campaign combating Aquatic Invasive Species.

We also applied for and received from the DNR $10,000 as a grant, which spearheaded education of AIS and brought attention of this issue to the forefront. 

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  • Participated in the DNR Grant AIS Prevention Program 
  • Place over 40 Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers signs on Lake
  • Name signage for each lake in the County
  • Produced 2000 SAH radio spots.. Stop Aquatic Hitchhiker
  • Sponsored Star Storm in July
  • Participate in DNR Boat Inspection Program, volunteer inspectors
  • Helped launch the Coalition of Lake Associations state wide.
  • Attended the Minnesota Waters Conference
  • Attended The SWCD Banquet to accept two awards Conservationist of the Year and Education Participant of the Year
  • Strengthen relationships with the DNR by participating in Dock survey program
  • Attended the Mn/Wisconsin AIS Conference


  • Participate in the Starry Stonewart Trek going to area lakes to search for the newest threat to our lakes.
  • Provided Monthly KXRA Open Line guests
  • Kid’s Fishing At Fleet Farm
  • Sponsor Senior Essay Scholarships
  • Participate with SWCD Seminars on healthy lakes
  • Participate in Kid Groundwater Festival with SWCD
Read and judged essays written by juniors and seniors in high schools to award scholarships

  • Participate with SWCD in the grade school poster contest
  • Assist lakes wanting to start an association
  • Participate in Habitat Day
  • Review applications for variances and Conditional use permits
  • Members of the Sub Surface Treatment System program part of UM initiative for proper septic operation.
  • Worked with L & R to get NO WAKE zones on our lakes during high water events

  • Participate in the County Water Plan Task Force


  • Water monitoring leadership through RMB Labs
  • Held seminars for “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers”
  • Sponsored Seminar “Life after Zebra Mussels
  • Coordinated the visit to Douglas County for Dr Molloy, Professor from NY University and inventor of the only natural product to destroy zebra mussels, to present to all the accurate information on zebra mussels.
  • Appointed by the County Commissioners to sit on the DC Citizen Committee on AIS
  • Active participants on the AIS Task Force
  • Gathered talking points for our State Rep and Senators to secure the line item in the Legislative budget for AIS in 2011
  • We successfully implemented a resolution for the County to provide funds for AIS spread prevention. This has enabled Land & Resources to implement the boat washing stations in our county

In addition to your financial support, we encourage all members to be active on one of our many committees or activities that include:

I. Water Quality

  • Prevent invasive species
  • Improve Sechi clarity
  • Re-vegetate shoreline education

II. Land Use and Zoning

  • Storm water management
  • Understanding the Ordinances

III. Communication and Public Relations

  • KXRA Open line
  • Echo Press Lake related articles

Fee is also $2.00 per lake association member.

Want to join us? Please fill out our New Member Application.

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