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About Us

        The Douglas County Lakes Association (DCLA) began in 1992 with an idea by Dick Howe and Bob Arthur. They were joined by Duane Hammargren, Lowell Peterson, Chuck Pugh and Red Underhill.

        During the first year of operation, Chuck , Duane and Bob drafted the objectives of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Chuck forged ahead and got the tax exempt status. This was all done in record time of approximately 6 weeks.

        The mission of the DCLA is to support member associations by coordinating and leading county-wide environmental and limnological efforts; to provide governmental and regulatory liaison; and to promote education, public awareness, and advocacy of lake and lakeshore issues.

        About the same time the DCLA co-hosted the Minnesota Lakes Conference at Arrowwood. Early in the year the DCLA started working on the Spring Conference. Two sessions were held in order to promote attendance. Invitations were sent to approximately 2500 lake property owners. The DCLA was very instrumental in helping bring about the new shoreland ordinances. Today the DCLA is made up of 25 individual lake associations, each of which is entitled to a representative member on the DCLA governing body.

        As a non-profit, tax-exempt organization we do not take political positions, but we do arm our members with facts that allow them to make informed decisions about a variety of matters impacting our most precious resource - our lakes.

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